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So I’ve been searching everywhere for the right WordPress Website Templates for this site. I’ve tried quite a few free themes but can never find the one i’m looking for. But i keep installing new ones anyway.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever wasted time searching for the perfect theme only to find it doesn’t have the right features, or it has all the features, but the look is all wrong?

wordpress-website-templates-wp-logoYou could spend hours trying to find a wordpress theme for your site that doesn’t look like a blog. And when you finally do find one, it just doesn’t have the look you’re going for. And i found that browsing the free WordPress themes just shows a screenshot and doesn’t really give you a chance to test out how each page looks.

There are a couple of different steps you can take.

You can browse live previews of a wide variety of quality WordPress templates here.  A live preview allows you to navigate an actual site to see if it’s up your alley. The majority of themes allow you to change just about every thing on a WordPress site. They’re like having multiple themes in one.

If you’re more of a Do-it-yourself-er, there’s a way to edit free WordPress blog themes to look just the way you want. There’s no need to learn any coding or any specialized knowledge required.

There are “3 simple steps” to turn an ordinary blog into a professional website with minimal skills. It’s called Building killer websites with WordPress.

How to turn WP blogs into WordPress WEBSITES

This is the answer for anyone who wants an easy to make, sweet looking website. Whether it’s for an individual site or if you want to make money as a web designer creating multiple sites.

The secret is WordPress and the “3 simple steps” to turn a free wordpress theme into a fortune 500 website.

The perfect solution for using WordPress as a website instead of a blog.

Here’s some of the benefits

  • Learn how to remove components that make WordPress look and feel like a blog
  • Learn how to customize side panels/columns with what you want, not what WordPress supplies
  • Learn how to customize settings to rank high on Google (Dominate search engines!)
  • No new software languages to figure out or specialized knowledge required.
  • Learn where to find the right free WordPress themes and widgets and how to configure them

And so much more. Click here to learn about the 3 steps.

It’s an ‘over-the-shoulder’ look at how to configure your own WordPress  templates that actually look and feel like websites. Not blogs.

wordpress website themesWhile blogs are a nice addition to a website that you can use to keep your customers, fans, etc. informed of upcoming events and sales, a professional looking website is an extremely valuable tool in itself. A premium website theme can give you the impression of being an authority in your field. A simple blog with a free WordPress theme may not give you the edge you’re looking for.

Yes, the free templates available from WordPress are handy (and the price is right) but they may not have the look or the feel of your individual needs. Use those free templates and you run the risk of your website looking exactly like someone elses, maybe even your competition. And finding a free template that doesn’t look like a blog is nearly impossible.

Or you could purchase a pro template, but if you don’t want to spend money for a WP theme that 100s of other people might be using when you can edit a free template yourself with minimal skills then this is a great alternative.

Learn more about editing your own wordpress website templates by using Building Killer Websites with WordPress.

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Save lives by having a WordPress Mobile Theme

Are you still debating if you should have a WordPress mobile theme in addition to your standard site? Maybe your regular web site still looks alright on a handheld.

But what if you could save lives by having one?

paris-browsing-while-drivingI don’t mean donating a dollar to “sickness” research when you purchase a mobile theme, what I mean is getting more involved without actually getting more involved (donating is a good idea too).

Just having a mobile theme that users are directed to when accessing your website on a handheld device.

Use a WordPress Mobile Theme and save a life

My friend Erin and I were driving down the highway on our way to a restaurant when we see this lady speed by us and as she passes we both notice she’s got her mobile phone in her hands on top of the steering wheel.

She’s either texting, emailing someone, browsing the web or watching a movie.

Whatever she’s doing on her phone, she’s using both hands to do it… while driving.

So we both show our disgust for the woman driver, arrive at the restaurant, eat and have some small talk etc.

Erin and I are on the way to our next destination with me driving. We’re on a back road and Erin’s sleeping.

Just then I hear R2-D2 tell me I have a new email message (that’s right, I have R2-D2 alert me of notifications on my phone and yes, I talk back to it).

Since we’re on a straight-away on a deserted road, I decide to check my email.

I have the smartphone up by the windshield with my eyes darting from the phone to the road and back to the phone. The email links to a website, so naturally I click the link and the website pops open.

It isn’t optimized for mobile so I have to use both hands to navigate the site. I have to zoom in and scroll etc.

Now I’m holding the mobile phone with two hands on top of the steering wheel. Just like the woman I was bad-mouthing earlier.

deer in roadI look up and there’s a deer in the middle of the road so I swerve to avoid the deer and this wakes Erin up.

After an instant, she realizes what just happened. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me and shook her head in disgust.

It was a long and quiet ride home.

While using a phone while driving is wrong, we all do it. We all give ourselves excuses why it’s OK, but it’s still wrong.

No matter how wrong it is, people are still going to do it.

And since mobile optimized web-sites can be used with one hand as opposed to zooming in and scrolling on a non-optimized website with two hands, they’re easier to use while driving. Even though it’s still wrong.

It’s dangerous enough, why make it even harder?

There are plenty of wordpress website themes that accommodate mobile.

So you could actually be saving lives by offering your “mobile” visitors a mobile friendly version of your website.

And you get to feel like a hero.

Check out some mobile themes here.

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Are WordPress Mobile Site Templates Necessary?


While i’m still searching through countless wordpress website templates to use for this site, i realized that not only do I need new WP themes for my main websites, but i also need to consider wordpress mobile themes for a mobile site. Or a template that can handle both (test drive a live preview of Elogix theme, its mobile ready).

I found some cool solutions to transform a site to be mobile friendly pretty easily for sites using wordpress, there is a nice wordpress mobile plugin that has many great features or you can browse a vast selection of mobile wordpress web templates here.

If you’re wondering if you should bother fiddling with wordpress mobile plugins or mobile site templates, consider how fast the mobile web is growing.

The following video presents key findings from “The Mobile Movement: Understanding smartphone Consumers” a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm.

Google’s helping people go mobile with GOMO Google initiative (go mobile- mobilize your site now) and they report that:

“Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010 and by 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online.”

Read more stats and mobile site best practices at google initiative howtogomo.

That’s a lot of people, and if they can’t easily view your site on a handheld, they may miss out on your content which means you may be missing out as well.

In 2011 Google made some predictions on the official google blog about where mobile’s headed:

“By the end of 2011, an estimated one billion people around the world will be connected to the mobile web and 50% of all Americans will own a smartphone. Because of the explosion of web-enabled mobile devices mobile usage is now on a hockey-stick trajectory: searches on smartphones and tablets have increased by 4x in the last year…”

read more about mobile on the official google blog.

When i first started using my Android to browse the web I was amazed I could check out every website available. I didn’t mind the fact I had to zoom in to read the articles or to see any of the images. It was actually fun.

But after a while of using my handheld to view websites that werent optimized for mobile, i was getting tired of hitting the wrong tiny buttons and scrolling left and right while having to zoom in and out got old.

WordPress Mobile Site Templates are essential if you have a WP web-site

Unless a website is optimized for mobile, now i just tap the back button and try a different website.

The truth is, alot of the websites out there are practically un-viewable on a handheld. They appear broken and hard to browse.

Have you tried to view your own wordpress web-site using a phone? Have you truly tried to navigate the website? At first glance it may appear fine, but actually using it may be another story.

The last time i heard, iphone users don’t even have the ability to view flash on websites. And there are quite a few sites using flash these days. Some are built entirely with flash and some premium wordpress website templates use flash in the headers.

If your site uses flash, thats alot of visitors that will just see a blank spot where the flash should be.

With a lot more users making use of mobile phones to view the internet, owning a web page that is designed for handhelds is absolutely essential. You should probably consider browsing some mobile site templates.

Google could even start penalizing web pages which are not designed for smartphones inside of their search engine results, if they haven’t already.

Even in the event your site is ranked # 1 on google for a selected search phrase, and a smart phone visitor finds it difficult to simply navigate your site, they will likely tap the back button and navigate to the next readily available web site.

I do this all the time, how about you?

There are many professional mobile wordpress web templates available to browse through. They even have live previews so you can test drive and navigate before you implement them on your site.

Click here to check out some live demos of WordPress mobile themes. Mobile site templates can be viewed on a desktop although you may want to re-size your browser to emulate the size of a mobile device (or else it will just look funny).

Another option is to use a a plugin for mobile version websites. I came across a cool plugin to use to optimize a website to be mobile friendly with just a few clicks, it’s called wpmob. Click here to check that out.

The wpmob plugin seems to do just about everything.

The plugin allows you to:

  • Set up themes for Android, iPhone, Palm, blackberry, etc.
  • Modify themes
  • Create new themes
  • Add adsense, admob ads and custom ads if you want to monetize your site
  • enable or disable things like names, author, tags, categories and many more. You just decide what should be shown and what should not.
  • Has a web-app mode which delivers a local application like on IOS devices. It presents a stand alone mode without Safari wrapped around it.

And a lot more.

So while your current website shows up on a mobile device, it may not be easy to browse as is, you may need a mobile WordPress website template or a WordPress mobile plugin.

Click here to check out WP mobile plugin WPMOB or browse some wordpress mobile themes here.

For more mobile stats, visit mobithinking

Best WordPress Themes for Best Blog Platform


best wordpress themes for best blogCongratulations WordPress for being the most popular web publishing platform.

Check out the best wordpress themes here to go with the best content management system.

Royal Pingdom just completed a survey that shows WordPress is the publishing platform of choice.

“We just completed a study and found that WordPress is in use by 48% of the top 100 blogs in the world. This is an increase from the 32% we recorded three years ago.

Other developments since then include that custom blog publishing platforms are more common now, TypePad has all but disappeared from the top 100, Tumblr has made an entrance, and some companies really don’t want to spill the beans about what solutions they use.”

read more at: Royal.pingdom

The study looks at data from the last 3 years and a new study for 2012 and WordPress dominates the top 100.

If you’re using WordPress, then you know it’s the best and don’t need a survey to tell you, but are you using the best WordPress Themes? If you’re not using WordPress, then what are you waiting for?

WordPress Website Templates VIDEO Review






Watch the video above of the WordPress website templates video preview of U-design

Out of all the WordPress themes I’ve tried, the U-design theme looks to be the most versatile. With unlimited color combinations, this theme allows an infinite number of websites from within a single theme.

Click here to test drive the U-design theme for yourself using the live preview

The U-design theme has a generous amount of features:

  • 6  animated image sliders
  • 200+ fonts available
  • unlimited color variations
  • BG images uploader
  • unlimited portfolios
  • easy & fun to customize
  • 11 widget areas
  • 8 custom left or right sidebars
  • … and even a blog section


I could list features all day, but the only way to see just how amazing this template is is to watch the video above or try it out for yourself using the live preview.


wordpress-website-templates-udesign1The author internq7 continues to update this theme with every WordPress update and is available on the U-design page for questions about the theme. The theme is compatible with  the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.


When you check out the live preview, the first thing you’ll notice is that the U-design theme looks like a premium website, it doesn’t look like a blog at all. But there is a blog section within the theme so you if you still want a blog, you can have that too.


Your search for WordPress Website Templates is over


While a lot of the “premium” themes out there are more expensive, they tend to have one basic look – with a few color variations of that same look. The U-design theme with it’s infinite color combinations allow you to create the website you’ve wanted all along.


On the U-design page, this theme gets a buyer rating of 5 out of 5 stars and is well documented. Click here to try the U-design theme.
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WordPress Website Templates and Themes


Click for more traffic to your blog

Searching for wordpress website templates can get tiresome after a while.  There are so many wordpress themes available and sifting through page after page of them just to find a quality one or one that’s right for you can take hours.

Once you’ve checked all the free wordpress themes on wordpress.com you may want to look into more professional designed templates. Some prices are a little steep, but there are some amazing themes available for little money that come equipped with different skins, color schemes and easy to use control panels that’ll make your blog look like a fortune 500 website. It may be worth it for you to at least take a peek.

WordPress Website Templates that look more like a website and less like a blog

There are many different types of wordpress themes and they all fall into categories like:

  • Business WordPress Themes
  • ecommerce wordpress themes
  • Corporate WordPress themes
  • retail WordPress themes
  • Technology, Creative, miscellaneous and the list goes on.

Infocus wordpress website template
Click to learn more about inFocus theme and check out the live preview

Just because your website or blog style may fall into a specific category, it’s still worth checking out the other categories. One template may be in the ‘corporate’ category but could still be a perfect wordpress theme for a ‘creative’ website. However, ecommerce templates could be a shopping cart and may be of no use to you.

Some wordpress website templates come with so many different skins, colors, fonts, layouts and even image gallery/slideshows, it’s like having multiple themes in one that are as simple to edit and change as WordPress itself.

Click to learn more about wordpress website template u design and check out the live preview

Some of the live previews of the themes available allow you to change the colors of the background, the links/buttons, the text, etc so you can play around with the skins to see if the template is right for your brand. You want the colors to complement your logo for example.

You have probably already noticed the difference in variety and quality from the free wordpress themes on wordpress.com and the themes in the images in this post. But to really experience how different these templates are, you really need to personally take them for a test drive.


Click here to learn more about Clockstone theme and check out the live preview

What are WordPress Website Templates?

WordPress Website Templates are Themes

WordPress website templates are basically themes for wordpress. Changing a WordPress theme changes the look of a wordpress website while keeping the content (text, images, etc) in place. A website template for WordPress can look more like an actual website than a mere blog.

What is WordPress?

wordpress-web-templates-wp-logoWordPress is basically a website that you can install and update with content, without having to know anything about writing code or anything else about creating or designing a website.

If you can send an email, you can update a wordpress site. Word press sites use themes or templates to change the look of the website while maintaining the functionality and content you add. Templates and themes can be changed easily by clicking install theme.

The term blog comes from web log. Basically this means when you update or add new content it shows up on the first page of the website at the top, and pushes older content down. This way, when people check out your blog (website), they will see the newest content first without having to search through your site to find the latest information. Each time new content is added, it’s called a post. With normal websites, to add new content you would usually add a new page. Pages can also be added to wordpress.

A wordpress blog is basically a full featured content management system (CMS). Some companies pay web agencies large sums of money to supply them with a CMS so they can update their own site without knowing how to create or edit a website. These companies (agencies) usually charge monthly fees. WordPress is open scource (free) and it’s simple to install and update.

Alot of wordpress templates and themes are free, but these free themes are usually very bland and most of them look like blogs. Finding wordpress website templates that look less like blogs and more like profesional websites is a job in it self.