Save lives by having a WordPress Mobile Theme

Are you still debating if you should have a WordPress mobile theme in addition to your standard site? Maybe your regular web site still looks alright on a handheld.

But what if you could save lives by having one?

paris-browsing-while-drivingI don’t mean donating a dollar to “sickness” research when you purchase a mobile theme, what I mean is getting more involved without actually getting more involved (donating is a good idea too).

Just having a mobile theme that users are directed to when accessing your website on a handheld device.

Use a WordPress Mobile Theme and save a life

My friend Erin and I were driving down the highway on our way to a restaurant when we see this lady speed by us and as she passes we both notice she’s got her mobile phone in her hands on top of the steering wheel.

She’s either texting, emailing someone, browsing the web or watching a movie.

Whatever she’s doing on her phone, she’s using both hands to do it… while driving.

So we both show our disgust for the woman driver, arrive at the restaurant, eat and have some small talk etc.

Erin and I are on the way to our next destination with me driving. We’re on a back road and Erin’s sleeping.

Just then I hear R2-D2 tell me I have a new email message (that’s right, I have R2-D2 alert me of notifications on my phone and yes, I talk back to it).

Since we’re on a straight-away on a deserted road, I decide to check my email.

I have the smartphone up by the windshield with my eyes darting from the phone to the road and back to the phone. The email links to a website, so naturally I click the link and the website pops open.

It isn’t optimized for mobile so I have to use both hands to navigate the site. I have to zoom in and scroll etc.

Now I’m holding the mobile phone with two hands on top of the steering wheel. Just like the woman I was bad-mouthing earlier.

deer in roadI look up and there’s a deer in the middle of the road so I swerve to avoid the deer and this wakes Erin up.

After an instant, she realizes what just happened. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me and shook her head in disgust.

It was a long and quiet ride home.

While using a phone while driving is wrong, we all do it. We all give ourselves excuses why it’s OK, but it’s still wrong.

No matter how wrong it is, people are still going to do it.

And since mobile optimized web-sites can be used with one hand as opposed to zooming in and scrolling on a non-optimized website with two hands, they’re easier to use while driving. Even though it’s still wrong.

It’s dangerous enough, why make it even harder?

There are plenty of wordpress website themes that accommodate mobile.

So you could actually be saving lives by offering your “mobile” visitors a mobile friendly version of your website.

And you get to feel like a hero.

Check out some mobile themes here.

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