Simple Website Templates

WordPress themes are basically simple website templates that you can install with just a few clicks. WordPress makes it extremely easy to install new templates from the ADMIN (user) control panel.

Once WordPress is installed there is a default template already in place or it may be a theme you chose during the installation process. The templates available on the WordPress website are free to use and install. Most of them are simple themes with very little features.

If you’re new to WordPress the free themes available may be all you need to start your blog. After using wordpress for a while you will most likely decide to change your blog theme to something a little more advanced whether you want something more visually exciting or a theme with more features.

Installing a WordPress Theme

Installing a new theme can be done with just a few clicks and takes under a minute. That doesn’t include the time it takes to browse throuogh all the themes available to find one you like. That can take longer than it takes to write your entire blog depending upon how picky you are.

You can loginto the ADMIN control panel by going to or depending on where wordpress is installed on your server. Once you enter your user name and password you are brought to the main ADMIN page called the dashboard.

On the left menu, click APPEARANCE and just under that click THEMES. That brings you to the MANGE THEMES page. On this page it shows your current theme and the other themes you have installed.

Next to the MANAGE THEMES tab on the top of the page, there is the INSTALL THEMES tab, click that to open the INSTALL THEMES page.

On the INSTALL THEMES page, you can search for a new theme or browse through the newest, featured or recently updated themes. You can also find a theme based on specific features like color, number of columns, features, etc. You can also upload a new theme if you have one saved on your computer.

Once you find a theme you like you can preview it or click install. It’s that easy to install simple website templates on WordPress.

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