What are WordPress Website Templates?

WordPress Website Templates are Themes

WordPress website templates are basically themes for wordpress. Changing a WordPress theme changes the look of a wordpress website while keeping the content (text, images, etc) in place. A website template for WordPress can look more like an actual website than a mere blog.

What is WordPress?

wordpress-web-templates-wp-logoWordPress is basically a website that you can install and update with content, without having to know anything about writing code or anything else about creating or designing a website.

If you can send an email, you can update a wordpress site. Word press sites use themes or templates to change the look of the website while maintaining the functionality and content you add. Templates and themes can be changed easily by clicking install theme.

The term blog comes from web log. Basically this means when you update or add new content it shows up on the first page of the website at the top, and pushes older content down. This way, when people check out your blog (website), they will see the newest content first without having to search through your site to find the latest information. Each time new content is added, it’s called a post. With normal websites, to add new content you would usually add a new page. Pages can also be added to wordpress.

A wordpress blog is basically a full featured content management system (CMS). Some companies pay web agencies large sums of money to supply them with a CMS so they can update their own site without knowing how to create or edit a website. These companies (agencies) usually charge monthly fees. WordPress is open scource (free) and it’s simple to install and update.

Alot of wordpress templates and themes are free, but these free themes are usually very bland and most of them look like blogs. Finding wordpress website templates that look less like blogs and more like profesional websites is a job in it self.

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