WordPress vs Blogger

Which blogging platform is better – WordPress or Blogger?

When i first decided to use a free cms i tried both wordpress and Blogger. I noticed blogger was easier to learn, it had a simple user interface and since it was by google, i figure it would be the one to take off out of the two.

Blogger is connected to my gmail account so i didn’t need to create a bunch of new accounts with new user names and email addresses etc. It was also alot easier to add adsense since that was by Google as well. The Blogger user interface page is fairly simple to use and has a bunch of plugins, but i found i didn’t use much of them.

Blogger has the option of using your own domain name but i didn’t notice the option to install Blogger on my web host which would have been nice.

For a free website/blog it’s not bad and you can be up and running with it in no time.

WordPress is a little harder to get a hang of, the user interface is a little harder to learn only because it has many more features than Blogger. Once i got used to the WordPress Admin page it became alot easier to use. WordPress has a ton of widgets and themes with developers creating new ones all the time. There are market place websites that sell huge amounts of WordPress website templates and themes.

WordPress is easy to install on your own server so you can use an original domain name and not just to use on the WordPress website. WordPress also has many plugins and it’s easy to find the ones to suit your needs.

All in all both WordPress and Blogger do the job and since they’re both free, either one is just as good as the other for someone who blogging as a hobby or just starting out. If you’re thinking of becoming serious about blogs or intend of having a blog with your own domain, i think WordPress is the best choice. Although Blogger seems simpler to use, sometimes simple is better, and some times it isn’t.

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