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So I’ve been searching everywhere for the right WordPress Website Templates for this site. I’ve tried quite a few free themes but can never find the one i’m looking for. But i keep installing new ones anyway.

Sound familiar?

Have you ever wasted time searching for the perfect theme only to find it doesn’t have the right features, or it has all the features, but the look is all wrong?

wordpress-website-templates-wp-logoYou could spend hours trying to find a wordpress theme for your site that doesn’t look like a blog. And when you finally do find one, it just doesn’t have the look you’re going for. And i found that browsing the free WordPress themes just shows a screenshot and doesn’t really give you a chance to test out how each page looks.

There are a couple of different steps you can take.

You can browse live previews of a wide variety of quality WordPress templates here.  A live preview allows you to navigate an actual site to see if it’s up your alley. The majority of themes allow you to change just about every thing on a WordPress site. They’re like having multiple themes in one.

If you’re more of a Do-it-yourself-er, there’s a way to edit free WordPress blog themes to look just the way you want. There’s no need to learn any coding or any specialized knowledge required.

There are “3 simple steps” to turn an ordinary blog into a professional website with minimal skills. It’s called Building killer websites with WordPress.

How to turn WP blogs into WordPress WEBSITES

This is the answer for anyone who wants an easy to make, sweet looking website. Whether it’s for an individual site or if you want to make money as a web designer creating multiple sites.

The secret is WordPress and the “3 simple steps” to turn a free wordpress theme into a fortune 500 website.

The perfect solution for using WordPress as a website instead of a blog.

Here’s some of the benefits

  • Learn how to remove components that make WordPress look and feel like a blog
  • Learn how to customize side panels/columns with what you want, not what WordPress supplies
  • Learn how to customize settings to rank high on Google (Dominate search engines!)
  • No new software languages to figure out or specialized knowledge required.
  • Learn where to find the right free WordPress themes and widgets and how to configure them

And so much more. Click here to learn about the 3 steps.

It’s an ‘over-the-shoulder’ look at how to configure your own WordPress  templates that actually look and feel like websites. Not blogs.

wordpress website themesWhile blogs are a nice addition to a website that you can use to keep your customers, fans, etc. informed of upcoming events and sales, a professional looking website is an extremely valuable tool in itself. A premium website theme can give you the impression of being an authority in your field. A simple blog with a free WordPress theme may not give you the edge you’re looking for.

Yes, the free templates available from WordPress are handy (and the price is right) but they may not have the look or the feel of your individual needs. Use those free templates and you run the risk of your website looking exactly like someone elses, maybe even your competition. And finding a free template that doesn’t look like a blog is nearly impossible.

Or you could purchase a pro template, but if you don’t want to spend money for a WP theme that 100s of other people might be using when you can edit a free template yourself with minimal skills then this is a great alternative.

Learn more about editing your own wordpress website templates by using Building Killer Websites with WordPress.


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