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Searching for wordpress website templates can get tiresome after a while. ¬†There are so many wordpress themes available and sifting through page after page of them just to find a quality one or one that’s right for you can take hours.

Once you’ve checked all the free wordpress themes on wordpress.com you may want to look into more professional designed templates. Some prices are a little steep, but there are some amazing themes available for little money that come equipped with different skins, color schemes and easy to use control panels that’ll make your blog look like a fortune 500 website. It may be worth it for you to at least take a peek.

WordPress Website Templates that look more like a website and less like a blog

There are many different types of wordpress themes and they all fall into categories like:

  • Business WordPress Themes
  • ecommerce wordpress themes
  • Corporate WordPress themes
  • retail WordPress themes
  • Technology, Creative,¬†miscellaneous¬†and the list goes on.

Infocus wordpress website template
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Just because your website or blog style may fall into a specific category, it’s still worth checking out the other categories. One template may be in the ‘corporate’ category but could still be a perfect wordpress theme for a ‘creative’ website. However, ecommerce templates could be a shopping cart and may be of no use to you.

Some wordpress website templates come with so many different skins, colors, fonts, layouts and even image gallery/slideshows, it’s like having multiple themes in one that are as simple to edit and change as WordPress itself.

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Some of the live previews of the themes available allow you to change the colors of the background, the links/buttons, the text, etc so you can play around with the skins to see if the template is right for your brand. You want the colors to complement your logo for example.

You have probably already noticed the difference in variety and quality from the free wordpress themes on wordpress.com and the themes in the images in this post. But to really experience how different these templates are, you really need to personally take them for a test drive.


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