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We’ve found an amazing new solution for those of you looking for WordPress website themes.

Learn the 3 easy steps to turn a standard blog into a quality website with virtually zero skills. It’s Building websites with WordPress.

wordpress website themesThis is the answer for anyone who needs an easy to create, professional website. Whether it’s for an individual site or if you’re a web designer looking to simplify and speed up the development process. The secret is WordPress and the 3 simple steps to turn a free wordpress theme into a gorgeous website.

WordPress is a fine system in itself for building a website for many reasons: It’s free, easy to use and google loves it. Also, there are many free plugins and templates already available and more are being created all the time.

Building Websites with wordpress is a great tool for utilizing the power of WordPress and converting an ordinary blog into an amazing website while still maintaining ease of use.

  • No new coding to learn or specialized knowledge required.
  • Find out where to find free wordpress templates and widgets and how to configure them
  • How to remove components that make wordpress look and feel like a blog
  • How to customize settings to rank high on Google
  • Learn how to customize side panels/columns with what you want, not what WordPress supplies

And much more. Click here to learn about the 3 steps.

Take an ‘over-the-shoulder’ look at how to edit your own wordpress website themes so they look and feel like websites. Not blogs.

Yes, the free themes found on wordpress are nice (and the price is right) but they don’t have the style or the features most of us are looking for. Ue the free templates and you run the risk of your site looking just like everyone elses, perhaps even your competition. Also, finding a free theme that doesn’t look like a blog is almost impossible.

Or you could purchase a pro template and spend $65 or more, but why run the risk of having a website that’s a duplicate of other when you can edit a free theme yourself with minimal skills?

Learn more about editing your own wordpress website themes by using Building Websites with WordPress.

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